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Jackie creates a safe space in her coaching sessions and through her calm presence, kindness, guidance and support these sessions have allowed me to explore and make change regarding issues, habits and behaviours in my life. On all occasions I have learnt something new about myself and left the session with tangible and achievable ways to recognise patterns and take action to reach my full potential. I have experienced accelerated growth through sessions with Jackie and look forward to continuing to work with her. Thank you, Jackie – you’re amazing!
Peta Bowden
HR Director
Jackie has such a calm presence, you instantly feel relaxed around her. During our one-on-one coaching sessions, Jackie is always so patient and doesn’t rush to find answers as she helps me to work through whatever issue I need to focus on (even when I don’t know exactly what this is). She also offers beautiful guided meditation sessions, which are so helpful as someone new to meditation with a constantly racing mind!
Amy Roknic
HR Manager
Jackie has been very helpful in building my career and self-confidence. I was not able to get a job in the field of accounting, she coached me around improving my resume and built my self-confidence with her excellent life coaching skills by understanding where I doubted myself and helping me overcome this. I would highly recommend Jackie as she forms a personal connection.
Surojit Sumanta
Program Finance Analyst
I started doing guided meditations with Jackie throughout lockdown and it was a great self-care activity for my mental health that I’ll keep up. Each session is absolutely wonderful, deeply relaxing and profound. Jackie is a skilled meditation leader and truly talented. I feel completely centred and calm after each session.
Phoebe Morrison
Public Service Senior Executive
I worked with Jackie when I required healing from a damaging marriage and hurtful divorce. I was in need of coaching to help resolve my anger and sadness that was stopping me from moving forward. The individual coaching sessions with Jackie helped me to resolve and establish an effective relationship with my ex-husband to co-parent our children. Jackie is kind, thoughtful and very knowledgeable with her guidance. I'm excited to work with Jackie now to build my confidence to get to the next level in my career.
Erin Ashley
HR Manager
Jackie is a wonderful teacher of Reiki and energy healing. She is relaxed, patient and friendly, which creates a safe and calm environment to heal in. Her friendly nature coupled with her wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm makes for a warm and easy learning experience. Jackie’s continual follow-up support has allowed me to live with a higher sense of well-being. Thank you
Wendy Reese
Bodytalk/Spinal flow practitioner
I completed my Reiki 1 training through Jackie Nield. It was the most amazing experience, which is hard to describe in words. Not only did I learn how to give Reiki but I learnt the importance and power of reiki. I believe in being able to give and receive reiki and that it has given me my own sense of purpose. Jackie taught, me to trust in the powers that be, and that we are all connected through energy sources. It brings me peace and comfort to know that we can call upon those powers through reiki to assist people who need our help.
Chelsea Liddy
HR Manager
I've done the first and second degree Reiki courses with Jackie. She is such a wonderful teacher and the "classroom" is so calm, serene and relaxed, which makes learning an absolute pleasure. Her extensive Reiki knowledge, along with her patience, easy going nature, and her insights and stories, enhance the whole experience. In Jackie, I feel I have found a mentor as well as a teacher, and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience, and now practice Reiki. I feel that I have found the right path for me. Thank you, Jackie!
Gaby Schmid
Jackie has been a transformative force, I've experienced not only physical relaxation but also a deep sense of emotional release and mental clarity. From the moment I met Jackie in Melbourne, I could sense her deep connection to the energy around us. She radiates a calming and positive presence that immediately puts you at ease. It's as if she has an innate understanding of exactly what your body and soul need. If you're seeking a truly transformative Reiki experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie. She's a true gem, and I am immensely grateful for the positive changes she's brought into my life.
Ange N
I enrolled into Jackie's coaching at the end of last year (2023) and I could feel the transformation in me. She has years of experience, the positive aura and the passion (you could just tell). I feel so happy and lucky that I found her at the right time. Thank you, Jackie.' 5 stars please 😊
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