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I help people find their direction in life so they can live with passion and purpose.

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Get to the bottom of what is holding you back, overcome obstacles and realise your true potential so you can make the desired changes and discover or rediscover your direction.  

Learn the skills to provide healing on physical, emotional and mental levels for yourself and others. After one weekend of Reiki training, you will have this ability for a lifetime. 

Professional online guided meditation classes for people with busy lives. Experience deep relaxation in the comfort of your own space, leaving you calm and peaceful.

hi,I'm Jackie Nield

I am a coach and I help people to live an easier and happier life where they do not feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed by life and emotions.

I empower people to make positive changes and unlock their true potential, identifying their strengths and applying those strengths to achieve more than they could possibly have imagined.

My life background is diverse with training and experience in a wide range of Natural Health modalities, as well as 20 years working in the Public Sector.

I apply a holistic approach to working with people (looking at the mind, body, heart and soul) which assists them in becoming aware of the factors that may be limiting them in their life and preventing them from achieving their desired outcomes and/or living the life they dream of.

I have a calming presence and creating a safe space is one of my many strengths, which allows people to challenge their current thinking and explore opportunities that they may have not previously considered, to make changes in their life that they did not think were possible.

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nice thingsMy Clients Say

"I have experienced accelerated growth through sessions with Jackie and look forward to continuing to work with her. Thank you, Jackie – you’re amazing!"
Peta Bowden
HR Director
"Jackie is always so patient and doesn’t rush to find answers as she helps me to work through whatever issue I need to focus on (even when I don’t know exactly what this is)."
Amy Roknic
HR Manager
"Jackie is relaxed, patient and friendly, which creates a safe and calm environment to heal in. Her friendly nature coupled with her wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm makes for a warm and easy learning experience."
Wendy Reese
Bodytalk/Spinal flow practitioner


We all experience struggle. It’s a part of life. 

For me, I’ve had my share of deep emotional pain with times where I’ve felt so stuck I couldn’t see a way through.

I’ve had thoughts like:

“I’m not good enough…”

and, “there must be more to life than this…

I know life has its ups and downs, but eventually I was able to get to a point where I could ask myself two key questions:

What if it could be easier?

And, what if I experienced more joy and abundance in my life?

These questions have guided me to look for answers, they’ve opened me to new possibilities and I now use them to guide my clients to have deep transformations.

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I write articles to help you manage your mind, improve your relationships and grow as a person.

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