Why We Feel Stuck

Do you have days when you don’t want to get out of bed?  Where you keep hitting the snooze on the alarm?  Where you wake up and you’re in a bad mood before you even get out of bed?  Where you instantly start thinking about all the things you “have to do”?  Where you’re worried about work? Kids? Partner? Family? Friends?

I have days sometimes when I’m trying to work out how to fit everything in or I’m having doubts about my ability to achieve certain things.  These days my anxiety levels elevate and my body is in a state of stress before my first cup of coffee. 

What impact has this on our energy?  Have you noticed what happens to your emotions when your energy is low, to the way you think about yourself and the world?  When I’m low in energy I become more emotionally sensitive.  I find my thinking becomes unclear, I doubt myself and find it harder to make rational (or sometimes any) decisions.  

What about the days when everything seems to flow?  Where you move from one task to the next seamlessly, you feel a sense of joy in what you are doing, achieve tasks effortlessly?  For me these are the days where there is more time for me.  More time for me to easily fit in the things that I enjoy (meditating, walking, reading). 

Have you noticed how your body and energy levels feel when you are in a state of flow?  I have more energy when I’m in a state of ease and flow.  I feel energised and in a healthy frame of mind, prioritising self-care (link to blog on self-care).

Without days of flow, we are living mostly in a state of stress and emotional upheaval.  Going from one task to the next, one day to the next, one month to the next, one year to the next just accepting this is the way life is supposed to be!  There may be moments of joy and happiness but it mostly feels like you are on the same merry go round and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get off.  

That’s how we get to feeling “stuck”.  Stuck can look differently for us all – some may feel like something is missing, they are looking for it but can’t work out what it is or for others they might not know it until they hit rock bottom (physically and/or emotionally).  Feeling stuck can be the realisation that they want to change the way they live or they may have recognised that they are completely missing joy and happiness in their life.  

How often have you sat and pondered what you want in life? (Noting you may not feel the need to go that deep just yet 😊).  How often have you stopped to think about what you want in your career? in your relationships? for your health? or even what you really want for dinner tonight? (I think tonight I want fish… Or maybe lamb).  You may benefit from reflection and thinking about whether you put others needs/wants before your own?  I am a mum, grandma, sister, wife and friend and acknowledge that sometimes this is OK.  However, if others needs constantly come before your own, you may have lost track of what you want or even forgotten you have needs and wants.  

STUCK is when you’re unable to move, when you want to get away from it but you are unable to.  To get out of “stuck” and move/find direction the important first step is recognising you are stuck.  By confirming where you are stuck, you are more likely to understand why you’re unable to move and develop practical solutions to move forward. You might be thinking it’s your job and a new career is the answer, or a new relationship is the answer when it may not be either of these.  For example, I had a client work with me recently, that specially wanted me to assist them with their career advancement as it was something they had been struggling with for some time.  We worked together and through my questioning and creating space for reflection, we discovered the area they were stuck which was actually health related – nothing to do with their career!   We discovered they rarely put their own needs first. This was the area that they were stuck which was impacting on their daily life.  I helped them discover the reason they were stuck and find practical ways to move away from being stuck.  They were able to seek medical advice, and make healthy life changes that helped them become less stuck.  We continue to work together and they now have more energy to focus on their career. 

A barrier that will challenge us as we move from being stuck is limiting thoughts and opinions.  These are the ones you have about yourself that we allow to hold us back.  Working with me I can navigate these beliefs with you and provide you with insightful ways to manage them so they do not hold you back, allowing you to make the necessary changes in your life and not go back to the old way of doing things.  

Do you think you’re stuck? Answer TRUE or FALSE to the below

The job I’m doing is right for me. T/F

I have enough time for leisure activities/self-care. T/F 

I’m happy with my physical health and what I’m doing to care for it.  T/F 

Mostly, I feel content in my relationships. T/F

Overall, I’m happy with the life I live.  T/F

There are elements of joy and happiness in each day.  T/F

If you answered false to any of these questions you may be stuck and I would love to help you move out of it.

Through questions I enable you to find your own answers and discover how important you are and what unique and special gifts you have to offer to the world.

Together, we can work out where you are “stuck” and learn what thoughts and opinions you have about yourself that are keeping you from moving forward.  

Together, we develop practical ways to make changes in your life, changes that move you from feeling stuck and make sure you don’t go back there. 

Together, we can work on ways to shape your life so you can live a life you love, one with passion and purpose.   

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