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In my first coaching session I was looking for help with career direction.  I wasn’t happy in my job.  I thought others were much better at their job them me, I didn’t feel good enough and I felt alone.  My boss wasn’t one to give direction and their feedback was usually negative.  I was feeling defeated and thought my only option was to leave the job, but I didn’t have the energy and my confidence was low. 

I had the opportunity to have career coaching and after only one session I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  I realised there were short-term goals I could quickly achieve, I had a confidence boost and I saw a vision of where I wanted to go with my career.  Most of all I had hope!  I remember leaving with a bounce in my step and looking forward to my next coaching session.

Fast forward six years later – I’m now a coach and I love what I do.  I’ve had many coaching sessions and used different types of coaches.  I’ve had life coaching, career coaching, business coaching and health coaching.  In every area of my life I chose to work on I discovered that there was a ripple effect and coaching had a positive and holistic impact on my growth and development.    

Life at times feels overwhelming and there are too many burdens to carry.  Each area of our life impacts the other.  Whether it’s work, relationships, family, finances, friends, health, personal development, spirituality or self-care they are all intertwined.   I discovered that although I had something at the forefront of my mind that I wanted to change it was often another area and/or belief system preventing me from recognising the issue and knowing where to start.      

The opinions and beliefs we have about ourselves and different aspects of our life can limit us and prevent us from living the life we want.  With the assistance of a coach, you can discover what is limiting you, decide how you would like to change and bring more balance and harmony into your life. 

Discover or rediscover coaching for yourself and make the changes you have been dreaming about – find your mojo.  Book an introduction call with me to see how we can work together.  

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